FY 2013 Ranger Class Schedule

The Ranger Course consists of three phases. The first phase (Benning), is conducted at Fort Benning, Georgia for 20 days. The second phase (Mountain), is conducted near Dahlonega in the mountains of North Georgia for 21 days. The third and final phase (Swamp/Jungle/Urban), is conducted at Eglin Air Force Base in North Western Florida for 18 days. Two days at the end of the course are used for out processing and graduation.

Class Report Date Start Date End Date
001 07 Oct 2012 08 Oct 2012 07 Dec 2012
002* 04 Nov 2012 05 Nov 2012 25 Jan 2013
003 06 Jan 2013 07 Jan 2013 08 Mar 2013
004 03 Feb 2013 04 Feb 2013 05 Apr 2013
005 24 Feb 2013 25 Feb 2013 26 Apr 2013
006 21 Apr 2013 22 Apr 2013 21 Jun 2013
007 12 May 2013 13 May 2013 12 Jul 2013
008 23 Jun 2013 24 Jun 2013 23 Aug 2013
009 21 Jul 2013 22 Jul 2013 20 Sep 2013
010 18 Aug 2013 19 Aug 2013 18 Oct 2013
011 08 Sep 2013 09 Sep 2013 08 Nov 2013

See the FY 2014 course schedule for classes starting October 2013 and later.

Reporting Information: Incoming students will report as early as 1000, but NLT 1300 on Day 0 (Sunday) of the Ranger Class they are scheduled to attend. Reporting location is Building 5002 (Multi-Purpose Training Facility) on Camp Rogers located in the Harmony Church area of Fort Benning GA. Students must report in ACU uniform (or their Service equivalent).
Here’s the packing list.

*Students attending Ranger Class 2-13 are required to take Holiday Block Leave and are encouraged to make all travel arrangements prior to attending Ranger School. This is to prevent students from paying for last minute airline tickets because there is no scheduled time for travel arrangements once the course begins. Holiday Block Leave is from from 170900DEC2012 through 031800JAN2013. Students will not make travel arrangements prior to 0900 on the 16th of December from Columbus GA and, no earlier than 1200 from Atlanta-Hartsfield International Airport. Students must return to Camp Rogers no earlier than 1200 and no later than 1800 on the 3rd of January 2013.




9 thoughts on “FY 2013 Ranger Class Schedule”

  1. Our son will be attending Ranger School (class # 6-13) with a graduation date of June 21, 2013. What is the earliest time time he can leave Ft. Benning to travel to Atlanta Hartsfield Airport on June 21? When will he have to report back to Ft. Benning? Thank you.

    1. It is generally safe to ‘assume’ that you can depart shortly after noon, but Murphy’s Law may apply. As far as when and where he reports next – that will depend upon his individual travel orders and any leave he has arranged for. All the best!


  2. I am assuming that End Date = Graduation Date – is this correct? Also does every graduation include a Rangers In Action Demonstration? I would like for my entire family to see it.
    Thank you and Hooah

  3. My son will graduate with the #6-13 class June 21st. Does that mean graduation will be at Eglin or back at Fort Benning? I am trying to make travel plans for all of us to attend? Help?

    1. Graduation will be at Ft. Benning — You will want to be at Victory Pond before 10am to see the Rangers in Action demonstration prior to the graduation at 11:00.

  4. Thank you for the information about graduation. Just a couple questions I’m hoping for answers. Will a photo drivers license be enough ID., & is there a limit to the # of family/friends allowed to attend? Any type of reservations required? Thanks, Proud dad!

    1. Hi Jim, There is no limit to the number of attendees at the ceremony and you do not need reservations. As the driver you will need license, registration and proof of insurance. Also, photo ID for everyone with you. Enjoy!

  5. Congrates to all the men that have accepted the honor and project the fortitude of this time honored brotherhood may god keep them all safe and protect them as they put themselves in harms way for our freedom and the freedom of all . These men will encounter objects that will test there will and will push through they will live with the faces of there brothers and will carry on they will leave there mark on the lives of so many but only be known by few . My brothers I wish I could stand with you one more time and bring you all home safe with the reverence and honor you deserve you will stay in my prayers and be in my best wishes to watch as you all come home in the manner of an ARMY RANGER

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