Current Packing List

What NOT to bring:

    The following items are highly discouraged:

  • Cell phones or any electronic devices.
  • These items will be confiscated and put in hold baggage.


      The following items are unauthorized and grounds for release from the course:


  • Any product with caffeine.
  • Tobacco products of any type.
  • Civilian GPS
  • Civilian long underwear
  • Contact lenses
  • Filled in Operations Orders, FRAGO, or Annex format
  • Modified shoulder strap, pads, or kidney pad
  • Spandex type athletic wear/underwear (tight fitting under armour)
  • Vitamins or Supplements of any kind
  • Gortex socks
  • Civilian medications (Aspirin, Tylenol, etc.)
  • No personal TA-50
  • Cash over $100



What you MUST bring:

  • Required Medical Documentation: Approved Ranger Physical Examination (DD Form 2807, DD Form 2807-1, DD Form 2808), Audiogram (DD Form 2216E), and copies of all laboratory or specialized consultations signed by a Doctor and Dentist, dated within 18 Months of course start date. IAW AR 40-501, chapters 2 and 5-3, and performed IAW Chapter 8. Additionally, a current copy of MEDPROS that includes (routine adult + H1N1 module) and a routine immunization summery. Annual FLU shot required before attending winter classes (01 OCT-30 APR).
  • Current Packing List is available from the RTB website at this link in Excel format. I’m not sure why they need to include a picture of everything. Just make sure to print the first four pages and take them with you . They will use this as a check list to inspect you with.

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