Ranger Students – Looking for Mail

One of the few escapes from the hardships of Ranger School is reading mail from home. Family and friends can provide support during this stressful period by putting a card or letter in the mail every few days. Including a self-addressed, stamped envelope and a few sheets of paper can help ensure you get a response; but understand that time is very limited for the student.

Below are the addresses for the different phases of the course. Mail will be forwarded if it arrives after the class has departed to the next phase, but if it is 4 days from the end of mountain phase, I recommend just addressing it to Florida and it will meet him there (use your judgment considering where you mail from).


4th RTBn – (RAP/Darby)

4th Ranger Training Battalion
ATTN: Class ###, __ Company
10850 Schneider Road
Fort Benning, GA 31905

5th RTBn – (Mountains)

5th Ranger Training Battalion
__Sqd, __Plt, __Company
ATTN: Class ###
1 Camp Merrill
Dahlonega, GA 30533-1802


6th RTBn – (Florida)

6th Ranger Training Battalion Sqd Plt
ATTN: Class ###, __ Company
6069 Walkers Lane
Camp James E. Rudder
Eglin AFB, FL 32542


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Thanks for your continued support – Rangers Lead The Way!

FY 2014 Ranger Class Schedule

US Army Ranger School Schedule for FY 2014 title image

The Ranger Course is conducted in three phases at different geographic locations, reporting (on a Sunday) and graduation (on a Friday) will be at Fort Benning, Georgia. The first phase (Benning), is conducted at Fort Benning for 20 days. The second phase (Mountain), is conducted near Dahlonega in the mountains of North Georgia for 21 days. The third and final phase (Swamp/Jungle/Urban), is conducted at Eglin Air Force Base in North Western Florida for 18 days. Two days at the end of the course are used for out processing and graduation.

Class Report Date Start Date Graduation Date
001 06 Oct 2013 07 Oct 2013 06 Dec 2013
002* 03 Nov 2013 04 Nov 2013 24 Jan 2014
003 05 Jan 2014 06 Jan 2014 07 Mar 2014
004 02 Feb 2014 03 Feb 2014 04 Apr 2014
005 23 Feb 2014 24 Feb 2014 25 Apr 2014
006 20 Apr 2014 21 Apr 2014 20 Jun 2014
007 11 May 2014 12 May 2014 11 Jul 2014
008 22 Jun 2014 23 Jun 2014 22 Aug 2014
009 20 Jul 2014 21 Jul 2014 19 Sep 2014
010 17 Aug 2014 18 Aug 2014 17 Oct 2014
011 07 Sep 2014 08 Sep 2014 07 Nov 2014

Looking for the FY2015 schedule (for start dates through September 2015)?

Reporting Information: Incoming students will report as early as 1000, but NLT 1300 on Day 0 (Sunday) of the Ranger Class they are scheduled to attend. Reporting location is Building 5002 (Multi-Purpose Training Facility) on Camp Rogers located in the Harmony Church area of Fort Benning GA. Students must report in ACU uniform (or their Service equivalent).
Here’s the packing list.

* Class 2-14 will be required to take Holiday Block Leave.  Holiday Block Leave is from from 160900DEC2013 (9am on 16 DEC) through 031800JAN2014 (6pm on 3 JAN). Students will not make travel arrangements prior to 0900 on the 16th of December from Columbus GA and, no earlier than 1200 from Atlanta-Hartsfield International Airport. Students must return to Camp Rogers no earlier than 1200 and no later than 1800 on the 3rd of January 2014.


BRC 2013 Winners!

Congratulations to SFC Raymond Santiago and SFC Timothy Briggs of the Ranger Training Brigade. They are the 2013 Best Ranger Competition Winners. Units from around the Army sent teams to compete for the best of the best honors and of the 49 teams to start, team 34 lead the way and placed first.

If you have hopes of competing next year, it is never to early to start training.


Rangers Lead the Way!