Women Struggle to Qualify for April Ranger School Slot

female would be ranger student rtac asessment high failure rate header image

To date six female officers have been invited to attend the US Army Ranger Course (class 6-15) in April after successfully completing the 16 day Army National Guard Ranger Training and Assessment Course (RTAC). More female soldiers could be joining this group, as there are a total of four RTAC classes before the 19 April Ranger School report date. Those who fail are allowed to try again if approved by their sending unit.

The January RTAC class started with a total of 122 soldiers. More than half of those failed to meet the course standards, but of the 58 graduates, five were women. In all, 26 women attended the course – 19 officers and 7 enlisted – for a pass rate of 19%. For comparison, the pass rate for men in the same class was 55%.

The February 6-21 RTAC class had 17 women among the 100 soldiers who started. Only 35 men met the standard and one woman (officer). The pass rate comparison: men 42%; women 6%. Six of the women who were dropped elected to stay and complete the training, knowing they would not graduate.

The Army is conducting the one-time “assessment” of the Ranger Course in April 2015, to gather data to be used should gender integration of the course become mandatory.


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